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This morning Psalm 31 confronts all of us with a serious question—“Am I seeking the Lord deliberately with all my heart—or just coasting along spiritually”?
Many weeks ago when we began this look at David’s life we read God’s epitaph for David’s life. In nine words God summarizes all that David was on earth.
David … served God’s purpose in his own generation (Acts 13.36, NIV).
As we open to Psalm 31 we find David’s personal resolve that marked out why God thought so highly of him.
In You, O LORD, I put my trust (Psalm 31.1a, NKJV)
This Psalm opens with a carefully crafted order of words. Note the Lord comes before David.
David points to the Lord before he speaks of himself. God is the deliberate focus of this opening verse, this Psalm—and David’s life.
Psalm 31 is David’s reflective song about the dangers and painful consequences of coasting through our spiritual lives.
David crashed when he wasn’t careful. David crashed because he had disengaged from following the Lord with his whole heart. David crashed because he was just coasting along in his walk with the Lord.
One of the greatest dangers for a mature believer is to begin coasting spiritually.
Coasting is when we slack up on seeking the Lord with all our heart.
We begin to feed our souls on yesterday’s blessings, last week’s devotions, and last month’s ministry.
Coasting is when we stop engaging our whole mind in worship.
David had carefully lived for the Lord most of his life. He had seen the Hand of God so clearly as a lad facing Goliath. David had felt the Presence of God as a young man fleeing from King Saul. David had felt the blessings of God as a man through all the years of leading the armies of Israel as king.
But somewhere along the way, David disengaged his heart.
His heart was no longer fixed on the Lord, but surrounded by so many blessings, he could just coast. He went through all the motions, said all the same words, but wasn’t careful to guard his heart.
In those unguarded moments coasting through life, he crashed.


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