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In the midst of the worst time of his life, David fell sound asleep. In the midst of one of the most dangerous situations, David had ever faced he relaxed, sang a song to the Lord and laid down–completely confident that the Lord would protect him.
Have you ever really thought about why we sleep as humans? In fact, have you considered that every one of us will probably spend about 1/3rd of our life sleeping? And that sleep is not an accident—God is the designer and promoter of sleep?
Yes, God designed sleep for us His creatures. But why? As believers who look at life through the lens of God’s Word (just as we are to do with all the rest of life)—we need to see sleep and life as having the very signature of God written across it. When God has designed something it is very special and has specific purposes that God wants us to know about. So have you gained the benefits of knowing what God has to say about one-third of our lives?


First, just list off in your mind what sleep means:
o Sleep means that work must stop.
o Sleep means that a day must end.
o Sleep means that our strength has been depleted and must be renewed.
o Sleep means that our minds have become weary and must be refreshed.
o Sleep means that our bodies have gotten exhausted and must be restored.
o Sleep means that we have limitations that must be faced.
o Sleep means that we have a dependence that must be acknowledged.
o Sleep means that we must deny self-sufficiency. As Psalm 121 tells us:
So one of the clearest reasons for sleep is to remind every human on this planet, and especially us believers—that God is God and we are not. We are helpless, limited, and dependent. But that is not all. Sleep can also be one of the most beautiful reminders of what true saving faith looks like.
In a few hours when it comes to be your time to sleep, think of what you will do. You will plan to end activities, end conversations, and even end your consciousness of life around you and lay the full weight of your body on an object that can hold you up (usually a bed). Then as you lay down you must choose to completely trust that something else other than yourself will hold you up while you are no longer able to take care of yourself. That is pure faith.
So David laid down and slept in Psalm 3:5 in his most vulnerable hour. Are you facing danger, adversaries, uncertainty about the future, even the possibility of death? Then David’s discoveries in this 3rd Psalm are for you. David slept in the face of danger and possible death—and so can we if we understand what he understood, and believe what he believed.
It must have been amazing to travel with David. For those 30 mighty men that always stayed near David, just like Christ’s disciples—some pretty amazing memories must have been theirs.


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