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One of the greatest dangers we face each day as believers is slowly allowing God’s influence over our lives to wane. This condition makes God weightless in our lives. He no longer weighs upon every thought, every choice, and every action of our day.
I wonder how many of us this morning really think that this message is for us. Before we dive in, perhaps we should do a little test for what may be called:
First, we think, what is the title of today’s message? The Discipline of Time: “Rejecting Profane & Empty Living” (1 Timothy 4:7a)
“Hmmm”, we think, “not sure that I am involved in anything profane (whatever that is), or that I am living in any way that is empty”.
So, that means I don’t have to really think much about the next 45 minutes. Right?
That is the exercise that takes place, almost unconsciously across America in Bible-teaching churches each week. People sit there, notice the topic, do a quick assessment, and tune to other thoughts while they sit through the message.
But now, we need to go on and do the test to determine whether God has become “weightless” in our lives. This test is simple:
How much do God and His Word, directly challenge me,
into changing the way I think and act on a daily basis?
A believer, not actively engaged in exercising The Discipline of Time, by “Rejecting Profane & Empty Living”: will slowly become amused, carried along, floating with the current of the world, and going away from God.
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