Consecration Is How God Can Use You To Reach Your Dying Culture Starting Today
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Isaiah 6–God Called Isaiah to Consecration. 4 Secrets to a Life God Can Use
From the Old Testament, we find that our unchanging, immutable God has the same plan.
To reach the godless society God called him to reach, Isaiah was told a timeless truth.
More than anything you do, God is interested in who you are.
The key to usefulness in life, doing what God designed us to do, is first being what God wants us to be.
Listen to God’s voice as He tells us the story of His call and preparation of Isaiah.
In this chapter, we’ll read we see 4 keys to a life that is useful to God. In the end, that is all that will matter.
Simply stated we can conclude from a careful study of the Bible that:
From  – https://youtu.be/0-O89qRjIw8
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