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What did God think that we, His Church needed as the Earth shakes, the Universe groans all around us? What did God consider vital for those who faced what He calls the “last days”—when persecution looms, materialism is pervasive, immorality is normalized, demonism is welcomed, and Biblical godliness is out of sync with global culture? God sent Revelation to Help us See How to Apply the 25 Attributes of God To ALL Our Struggles & Fears: Independence. Unchangeableness. Eternity. Omnipresence. Unity. Spirituality. Invisibility. Omniscience. Wisdom. Truthfulness. Goodness. Love. Mercy-Grace-Patience. Holiness. Peace. Righteousness-Justice. Jealousy. Wrath. Will. Freedom. Omnipotence-Power-Sovereignty. Perfection. Blessedness. Beauty. Glory.