Christ our Refuge: The Safest Spot in the Universe



Is Christ your city of Refuge? Is He easy to reach for you? Are His arms open to you? Do you see that there is no other hope but Him? Then He is YOUR city of refuge.Jesus offers to be our refuge when we are unclean, our refuge when we are weary, our refuge when we are homeless, our refuge when we are helpless, our refuge when we are hopeless, and our refuge when we are tempted. Have you fled to the safest spot in the universe? If not do so today. If you have, Christ is your moment by moment perfect refuge!

The safest spot in the universe, that is even safer than Cheyenne Mountain, is also the closest. Closer than that military center 700 miles from here, closer than your safe room, closer than a shelter, closer than anything else–is the refuge God has designed.

Jesus Christ our hope, our refuge, and our salvation–is one thought away, one prayer away. He is as close as a cry, as close as an out-stretched hand, or an upturned heart. Anyone, anywhere can instantly arrive in that safest of all places–from any location.

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