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Discover the Book Ministries
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Personal Help Questions

Q: Personal questions and/or questions relating to personal help needed?

A: It needs to be made clear that Dr. Barnett is not your pastor or elder. You are encouraged to meet with your pastor/elders at your local church (1 Timothy 5:17; Titus 1:7; 1 Peter 5:1–2) and discuss your issue or question with them. They are directed to address such important and personal subjects (1 Timothy 4:13; 2 Timothy 3:13–17; Titus 1:9) as your question and they will know you better than we could.

Church Recommendations

Q: I am looking for a church. Can you recommend a church with someone who teaches like Dr. Barnett?

A: Thank you for inquiring. Choosing a church can be difficult but a vital aspect of your spiritual life. Even churches within the same denomination or with familiar names can differ greatly in their belief and practice. We encourage you to first evaluate if they teach the Scriptures, then check the church’s doctrinal statement and see if it is similar to Dr. Barnett’s doctrinal statement here.

Tracts Dr. Barnett Likes

Q: What tracts does Dr. Barnett use?

A: One of Dr. Barnett’s favorite tracts can be found – here.

Bible/Prophecy Book Recommendation

Q: What Bible & prophecy books does Dr. Barnett use/recommend?

A: Dr. Barnett uses a standard NKJV Bible without study notes as it’s more portable for him when traveling. Here are his suggestions for resources.


Holy Land Tour Questions

Q: Is Dr. Barnett giving tours to the Holy Land?

A: Sadly, our days of leading groups to Israel are probably over, due to the time factor we have given to missions.
Our online class is great preparation for going on any tour and will get anyone ready for understanding the Land of the Book before they get there.

I would say if I was going on a group tour my first choice would be with Dr. Wayne Stiles.

You can find his site here:

We send our love and many thanks to God for you two!

However, he does lead a Virtual Holy Land Tour that is accessible through YouTube membership. More information can be found here.

Product & Purchase Questions

Q: Do you have a certain ITEM for purchase/download/available?

A: We are constantly adding and improving the website and what’s offered. Everything available for purchase can be found on the Resources page. Notes and slides can be found on the individual messages on the Lessons page. We will add products, notes, slides, messages as they become available.

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