Christ’s LAST Words to His Church: Revelation 1-3



Revelation is the only book exclusively devoted to introducing us to what our Master and Savior Jesus is doing right now. It completes God’s revelation of Himself to humanity through Christ.

If you really believe God’s Word, then you believe Jesus Christ is here right now. He walks among us looking at us as we gather to see if we are being what He asks us to be and doing what He left us to do. Everything revolves around the church Jesus said He was building. Are you doing and being what He asks each of us to do and be for His church?

The key to understanding Revelation is not to have a chart sitting beside your Bible telling you exactly what the dragon is and listing in order the seven bowls, and telling you which nations are in the End Times. The key to understanding Revelation is to know what God says about it. He knows we get confused. He knows we don’t understand everything right away, so the Author Himself stops to explain exactly what we’ll be reading so we don’t miss it.

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