David’s Spiritual Secret: A Life That Serves God



A Life That Serves God


The faster life goes, the more uncertain the future get, the more we need a life that serves God! That’s why I wrote the most important book I have ever written, David’s Spiritual Secret: A Life that Serves God.

This book traces David as a young man and how he resisted peer pressures to sin; David as a young married man with job stress, and the struggles of job loss; David in his career and making godly choices, then his midlife crisis and sins with Bathsheba; and finally how David shows us the way to live well to the end for God.

The most written about life in the Bible has the most lessons for us in how to get Christ’s well done as His good and faithful servants!

When we get to the end of everything—what is left? In other words, what will last forever? All that lasts are God and those who serve Him; that is what God’s Word is all about. If we are to someday spend eternity serving God, how are we doing at our current serving?


So, whose life is considered important to God? Well, who did God chose to write more about than any other single person in the whole history of the world? The answer is the young man David, we meet in this new book. God summed up David’s life in Acts 13:36 “For when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation”…if you want to do the same, this book is for you!

David teaches us his spiritual secret from his diary in the Psalms. Many believers mistakenly believe that if they just achieve some higher level of walk they enter a mountain top life of constant successes. The reality is that all of God’s greatest servants are portrayed as going through life’s struggles constantly from start to finish. Life is hard. Godly believers will always struggle. And as David reveals–Christ is closest to us as our struggles, sufferings, and set backs refine our life. See life through God’s eyes as He leads David “the man after His own heart” through the pits and pinnacles of life. Find Christ as your safe and secure fortress–the secret for every era of life.

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Whose life is considered important to God? Well, who did God choose to write more about than any other single person in the whole history of the world? The answer is: David.

Listen and learn from these lessons on the Psalms and David’s life. We will hear David describe his walk with the Lord through every challenging day of his very public life. Watch Dr. Barnett deliver twelve lessons from the places where David wrote the Psalms, and see selected Psalms delivered by an actor in the historic Holy Land locales where David would have walked and talked with God.

There are more Bible chapters (141) devoted to the life of David than any other person next to God Himself. Come with us as we experience God’s words through the life of David—the man after God’s own heart.

This DVD contains 12 practical Biblical video lessons. It will play in DVD players, computers or Blu-ray players. Feel free to use these lessons in any small group, Bible study, or personal study.

Run Time – 127 Minutes

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