Discipline Yourself for Godliness



In today’s over-scheduled, disposable society, we are bombarded with differing views and alternate opinions about how to be successful and satisfied. New self-help books hit the shelves each day with ways to make this your best year ever, but the ultimate how-to book, the Bible, has been around for more than 3500 years, and continues to provide the best method of finding a happy life. Discipline Yourself for Godliness takes you through the disciplines of Scripture, Spirit-filled living, Meditation, Stewardship, Simplicity, Supplication and Suffering Affliction offering powerful lessons from the men and women of the Bible who chose to listen to Him and gain the quality of life God wants for everyone.

Discipline Yourself for Godliness will teach you the path of:

1. Scripture–Hearing God?s Voice in all of the Bible
2. Spirit-Filled Living: Having a life of new beginnings each day
3. Simplicity–Enjoying better family and personal devotion times
4. Supplication–Learning the secrets of prayer in Christ’s School of Prayer
5. Meditation?Finding God?s special plan for your life
6. Stewardship–How to live strategically to not waste your life
7. Suffering Affliction?Realizing God?s closeness when we suffer