Exploring Heaven in the Bible: The Mansions Jesus is Making



WAIT until you see what God has planned for us. It is out of this World. The curse restrained, then the sinners eternally judged, and then Heaven’s Gates opened. In these three chapters comes the conclusion to every promise God has made. For the answer to the environment, the end of suffering, and the Joys of Heaven—Here is God’s final Word. Find living hope for the end of days in the MANSIONS JESUS OFFERS.

If the outline of Jesus can be traced in every book of God’s Word, and it is, then He is blazing brighter than the noonday sun in Revelation. No book of God’s Word more clearly shows all the Beauty of Jesus. From the very first verse, God declares that He is revealing (unveiling) Jesus for us, His servants, to the very last verses where God is inviting all who are thirsty to come to Jesus the Water of Life. Revelation overflows with our Lord Jesus. How are you doing in your daily time in the Word of God? Are you experiencing the wonders of Discovering Jesus? That is exactly what the Book of Revelation is all about. It is a tool, a guide and a road map into the very presence of God. It is a full color photo album of Jesus. It is a gripping action film taken from the vantage point of the control room of the Universe where God is monitoring the passing of time to the serene background music of heavenly worship.

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