Finding Biblical Quietness & Rest From Ultra-Busy Lives


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Finding Christ’s Promised Rest

Matthew 11:28-30

Today we live in a distracted world among distracted people, with distracted minds, & distracted families. Distraction leads to aimlessness & hopelessness, but Jesus knows your needs.

Jesus offers REST in Matthew 11:28-30. Finding Biblical Quietness is a journey through all the Scriptures teaching us how to find Christ’s promised rest.

A Biblical Stewardship of our Time leads our lives away from distractions, and into godly wisdom for living.

God wants me to invest my time wisely. This course is all about how to discipline my time, which leads to rest.

This disc contains 40+ practical Biblical lessons in both playable MP3 audio files, MP4 videos files, and printable Word & PDF documents. These media files will play on computers & are downloadable to all your digital devices. You can also edit and print these lessons for use in your small groups, Bible studies, or personal study.

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