Following Jesus Today – Unleashing The Lord’s Prayer Into Daily Living For Christ


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Expository Lessons From God’s Word

Seven Habits of Highly Useful Believers: These elements from the Lord’s Prayer are blended, connected, and displayed from the pages of Scripture in the lives of those who followed and served the Lord. These are the foundation truths of Christ’s ministry and are reflected throughout the Book of Acts & the Epistles.

These are also the same seven elements of the Lord’s Prayer! (Saved) Understanding Salvation “Our Father”; (Surrendered) Cultivating Surrendered & Consecrated Living “Thy Kingdom”; (Spirit-Filled) Seeking Spirit-Filled Living “Thy Will”; (Word-Fed) Seeking Nourishment from the Scriptures “Daily Bread”; (Connected) Living in Connection to God “Forgive Us”; (Watchful) Expecting Spiritual Warfare “Deliver Us”; (Invested) Understanding Life as a Stewardship “Thine is”.

Join me for this amazing journey into the Lord’s Prayer.

This DVD contains 30 practical Biblical lessons in MP3 audios, MP4 videos, and over 200 printable PDF files & slides John used as he taught these lessons. The audios will work on computers, and in some MP3 or DVD players. You can listen to and print these lessons for use in any small group, Bible study, or personal study.

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