Jerusalem Declares – What He Did – DVD 2


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Video Lessons From The Holy Land

The Gospels recount the greatest story ever told.

On the Cross, Christ died for our sins. Christ died praying to God the Father who was enthroned in holiness and praise. Christ died hanging on the Cross as His Father was guiding each horrible detail of the crucifixion. Christ died trusting that God His Father was always near, even though at that moment He was forsaken by God who made Christ sin for us.

Join us as we look at the Cross of Jesus Christ in and around Jerusalem, as we study on the specific locations of Christ’s Final Week leading up to His death, burial, and resurrection.

Answer Life’s Three Greatest Questions

This video series examines Jesus Christ: Who He Was, What He Did, and Why He Came. These are the vital questions every person needs answered.

This DVD contains 17 Biblical video lessons from the Land of the Book, and will play in DVD players, computers, or Blu-ray players.

Run Time – 102 Minutes

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