Lessons In New Testament Discipleship – Helping Others Follow Christ


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Expository Lessons From God’s Word

A question should frame each day is:

“Am I Doing What Christ Left Me to Do?” God has always desired to be glorified by reaching this world with His message of love, His forgiveness of sin, and His offer of reconciliation leading to eternal life. God is not willing that any should perish, so He has always desired that the world to hear His message and repent, so that they may be saved. Because: God is a Savior.

What On Earth Do We Live For? The key that unlocks why God has left us here on Earth, after our salvation, is in Matthew 28:19 where Christ said: “Make disciples.” These words were carefully engineered by the Spirit of God to explain the focus, of every day of our lives, if we want to please God.

Discipleship: Knowing & Following Jesus Christ. Christ’s first words, to His first disciples, should be our first priority as His disciples today. “Follow Me” is still the essence of Biblical Christianity. Those words are what He still calls for as He walks through this world.

God’s plan is all about personal, face-to-face training. Just as a baby needs nurturing, feeding, protection, and care – so every person born into God’s family is to be nurtured, fed, trained, and cared for by matured believers until they grow enough to care for another. That is what we learn in this resource.

This DVD contains 22-mp3 audio Bible teaching lessons; plus 40-mp4 videos; plus 140 of John’s study notes & slide files as he teaches. The files can be downloaded, watching, & listened to on your computer & DVD player.

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