The Book You Can Trust



God’s Word is foundational to everything we know and believe about God, salvation, Jesus our Lord—and life to come. How sure are you about this Book you hold in your hands? Pastor John exhorts us to know this Book we can TRUST.

Take your Bible and hold it. I want to talk to you about what you’re holding. You all are holding something that is unlike anything else that in 5,000 recorded years of human history has ever been produced on this planet. Everything else on this planet is just something from the planet that’s been either, painted or built or sculptured or carved or something. This is not from this planet. This is the very breath of God breathed out. This is the very voice of the infinite, endless of days, eternal, all-powerful creator of the universe who has communicated to us and has intercepted, intersected, and invaded time and space and spoken to us. This book is unlike any book. It’s unlike any other piece of any part of this civilization of humanity that ever existed. This is not normal. This is not like Mary Baker Glover Patterson Eddy Fry’s book of Christian Science. This is not like the Koran or the writings collected of Joseph Smith. This is not of this planet. This is the very breath of God. I hope you realize when you hold this book it’s different. It’s special. I hope you don’t just flip it aside.

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