The Delights of a Word-Filled Marriage: Marriages the Way God Designed Them to Be



Building a Word-centered marriage is therefore the very heart and soul of the responsibility God Himself has given to husbands and wives, and it is a duty every spouse should embrace gladly and eagerly. As the title of this book suggests, investing in a Word-centered marriage is meant to be a delight, not a drudgery. John MacArthur says: “Dr. Barnett thus gives a careful and thorough explanation of what it means to have a Word-centered marriage and how husbands and wives can achieve that goal. He knows whereof he speaks. He and his wife Bonnie have been practicing these principles for some 30+ years. For those who are confounded and frustrated by the seemingly complex and often perplexing tasks related to establishing a God-honoring partnership, here is a much-needed resource that will help you clarify and simplify your priorities as a husband or wife. May it be used of God to produce a generation of husbands and wives whose lives and families are anchored in the Word of God, which is the only truth that lives and abides forever.”

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