The Unveiled Christ of Revelation: From Now to Eternity



Revelation is the ending to the greatest Book ever written! This final word from God explains all you need to know to understand His ordained events from now until forever. Revelation is the place to go—if you are intrigued by prophecy, if you enjoy discovering new truths, and, most of all, if you want to know as much as possible about the Lord Jesus Christ. You will see Him gloriously unveiled in all 22 chapters of this amazing book!
The Bible is like many textbooks in school, all the answers are found at the end of the book. The end of the Bible is of course the Revelation of Jesus Christ to John.

The Bible is made up of 66 books, written by 40 authors over 15 centuries yet possessing a supernaturally engineered message. Every word, every letter, every name, every place and every number was placed there by the guiding hand of God through the Holy Spirit inspiring each human author. Thus every detail of God’s Word was planned by God for revealing Himself and His plan.

And nowhere is this more clearly demonstrated than in the last book of the Bible, the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Each of its 404 verses, which hold allusions to over 800 Old Testament verses and passages, tie the entire Bible together in a grand finale.