Walking With Jesus: The Gospel by Mark



The Gospel by Mark reads like a shooting script for an action movie, as the Apostle Peter recounts the greatest story ever told. Mark allows us to join him as he experiences Peter’s recounting of God in the flesh — walking the dusty roads of Galilee with Jesus.

The Bible is the ONLY Book for EVERY person in ANY situation for ALL of Life!

This series is the beginning of a year-long time of walking with Jesus.

Through the eyes of Peter, from the pen of Mark, and under the flawless breath of God’s Spirit the words of the Gospel by Mark lay before us.

This series of Walking with Jesus will examine the most visible aspect of Christ’s earthly walk. The 2nd Gospel most describes Christ’s walk as the walk of a servant. If anything strikes your heart over the next year in this walk, I hope that it is a growing desire to be Walking with Jesus as His servant!

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