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A Quick Titus 2


A Quick Titus 2

TITUS 2 UPDATE: Bonnie & I have finished up teaching through most of Paul’s Epistles in Greece and now have started our final weeks in Rome where I am teaching Romans, Galatians, Hebrews & Revelation. These sure are exciting days to serve the Lord.
Christ’s church was born into a sin-warped, sin-darkened world of mixed-up marriages, sin-scarred lives, and confused families. But men and women who were gloriously saved did not automatically become great wives and mothers, or husbands and fathers. When they came to Christ and were forgiven, God graciously gave them everything they needed to become godly wives, mothers, husbands, and fathers. But, they needed something else. They needed worship services that taught them to believe correctly, and then they needed small group discipleship times to learn how to behave correctly.
These new believers needed coaching, training, modeling, and encouragement in a one-on-one relationship. Godly behavior is a series of choices, and those men and women had to be nurtured in daily skills that would lead to loving marriages and families.
And that is the vital ministry that we find captured for us in Titus two.
Christ’s Church Used Coaches in Godly Living
Christ’s church grew into the potent force for changing the world in the quiet nurturing sessions that Titus two men and women performed in practical discipleship. Just as important as the preaching and teaching of the doctrines of God’s Word was the modeling and nurturing of individual saints through practical hands-on lessons in godly living.
The building blocks of Christ’s church are Spirit-filled men and women whose lives are given daily as obedient servants of God.
God wants men and women that will mentor, nurture, and coach godly living for His church. These individuals believe that God has called them to touch one life at a time for His glory.


It’s been an amazing week teaching God’s word here on Crete, but I love storms that come in across the Mediterranean. It’s the largest Greek island. As I’ve taught through Titus 1 2, and 3 here this week, I just wanted to summarize for all of you in the Greatest Chapters, what we’re going to study when I get back to the classroom. In chapter 1 we learned the character of these people. Especially in verse 12 when Paul quotes that Cretan poet. Chapter 2, we learn about the transforming power of God’s grace. Especially in verses 11-13, the grace of God that brings salvation. In chapter 3 we realize it’s not by anything that we do, it’s not by works of righteousness that we have done or could do. It’s by His mercy that He saved us and transformed us.

I want to encourage you to get through your times reading Titus 2, which is especially our assignment. I’d read the whole book, it’s so short. Think about Titus, left here by Paul, commended by Paul to take this church in Crete and to teach them the word of God. Just like this little pier here is just totally overwhelmed and swept by the waves, that’s how the people must have felt living in the Roman Empire. The waves of temptation, the waves of all the different effects of the world coming toward them. The grace of God is able to transform us.

Have a great week in Titus chapter 2. When we get home from our teaching time here in Europe, I will be doing the classroom version, but I just wanted to give you this update and application prayer. Lord, I pray that all of us would deny ungodliness in our lives like Titus teaches. As Paul sat to write that epistle to Titus from Corinth, where we’ve already been, I prayed that it would just come alive in our minds. Also, that this storm would remind us that You can keep us through all the waves of life. In the name of Jesus we thank you, Amen.

You, 52 Chapter partners in ministry, God bless you. Thanks for praying for us. Bonnie and I will be home around Thanksgiving, and we’ll get started in the classroom. Bye-bye for now.

A Quick Titus 2


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