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TRUSTING THE WAY OF JESUS, which means THE RIGHT WAY OF SALVATION. Well, not much has changed. In Jesus’ day, there were false teachers, false gospels, and right and wrong ways. The contrast of truth and error remains, so the confusion over who Jesus Christ truly was and is, remains:
– to some, He was a great teacher (Eastern religions)
– to some, He was one of the prophets (Islam)
– to some, He was an angel brother of Satan (Mormonism)
– to some, He was a lesser created God (Russellism of Jehovah’s Witnesses)
– to some, He was a misguided man (liberalism)
– to some He didn’t finish our atonement; we have to offer Him over and over (Romanism)
The reason the major cults are cults is that they have defective doctrines of Christ. The Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, etc., say, like the Gnostics, that they believe in Christ—but what kind of Christ? Certainly not the Christ of the Scriptures. This is also true of virulent forms of legalism and some of the extreme forms of the “prosperity gospel” which eat away at the fringes of evangelicalism. The safeguard against this is a perpetual bowing before Christ Jesus, the Lord, in line with our initial awareness that we are Christ’s and our sins are forgiven