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William Borden Gave away his fortune No Reserves. No Retreat. He said God has called me and I’m going. And he sailed for China. On the way going through the Mediterranean from the east coast to the United States, he stopped in Egypt. He had been there before. And while he was in Egypt he contracted Cerebral Meningitis and was dead in one month. Never reached China, never reached a mission field, never became a missionary. All that preparation, all that effort and he died.
When they found his Bible after his death, they opened it again to that back flyleaf and this is what they found. “No reserves, no retreat,” and just before he died he wrote, “no regret…no regret.” He never got there but he lived his life to the maximum of dedication to the Christ he loved. And if that was to be the end, then that was God’s choice, no regrets. That’s the only way you want to end, isn’t it? With no regrets.