Christmas highlights the basic desires of human beings. In fact, the most often asked question in the United States this month will be “what do you want?”

With that as backdrop, look beyond all the seasonal things and to all of mankind and ask it again, what do you want?

The answer comes back:

– from the grey choking smog of Mexico City… – to the azure sky and white beaches of Polynesia – in the dark and foreboding valleys of Tibet – to the damp rain forest huts of the Amazon – even the wealthiest city in the world, Tokyo

It’s the same: Everyone has three basic needs, even each here tonight would agree. What are they?

Happiness or pleasure Peace of mind (freedom from guilt) Security

Those three may translate differently in various cultures:

In India it means: – high caste – pacify gods
– much gold

In the Amazon it would be: – lots of food and wives – no evil spirits – enemies’ heads on walls

In western society: – a good name/family – a respectable amount of renown – sound investments

In Northern Kingstown, it may be: – healthy and lots of friends – church – house and good job

But all want those three and seek for them!

Happiness Peace of mind Security

In all the earth only one book God wrote:

Near the end of that Book in John’s first Epistle (turn), we have divine perspectives on these three needs.

May I share them with you to lay hold on?

Before we find them, let’s remind ourselves of the author:

(1) In general, disciple – John – the beloved Apostle – a son of thunder

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– in close relation with Christ – a life of condensed time spent with Christ into five books.

(2) In specific, very close. There are groups Christ dealt with:

70 – Luke 10 Power to witness, preach, cast out 12 – Mark 3 Disciples/Apostles daily with Christ in every setting 3 – Mt. 26 Inner circle, transfiguration Mt. 17, Mt. 26:37, Gethsemene 1 – Jn. 13:23 “whom Jesus loved”, reigning on heart

Have you ever thought about that John loved Christ, deeply wanted to be near Him, others recognized that.

Lk. 9 He is at the transfiguration Mt. 26 Gethsemene Jn. 18 In the courtyard as Christ is judged Jn. 19 Last at the cross Jn. 20 First Apostle to tomb (20:4) Jn. 20 First to believe (20:8) Jn. 21 First to recognize Christ (21:7)

(3) Not only a Disciple Not only a very close Disciple Thirdly, he recorded those things so we could know Christ too!


– Wrote gospel and ministered – Banished by Domitian (A.D. 81-95) to Patmos, wrote Revelation of Christ – released under Nerva (A.D. 95-98), wrote Epistles

So, what did this man who was so close write?

I John has three different purposes. John wrote it.

1:4 These written…

John had three goals for the Epistle. What are they? 1:4 “joy full”. What’s that? Happiness Gospel of John 7:37-39, rivers of life flowing out! #561 Since Jesus Came In John wrote to introduce the answer to search for happiness. What else?

2:1 “sin not” dealing with sin What’s that? Freedom from guilt.

– Sin has pleasure – for a season Heb. 11:25 passing pleasures – Christ said Mt. 6:32, all the things the world seeks after

California Surgeon General once was quoted on the news: there would be one-half the mental hospitals if there was a solution to guilt. No pills, no shock therapy, no new life, no alcohol can cleanse and make fresh.

Ps. 103 Hidden from God Rom. 8 No more condemning Lastly, I Jn. 5:13 “that ye know”

What’s that?


– Ultimate happiness that stays – freedom from guilt that lasts – secure future that’s permanent

No wonder when God so love He gave Christ! He demonstrates God’s love by giving what we really want. Next time you ask or hear, what

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do you want? Think of happiness, freedom from guilt and security. Then point to The Way, The Truth, and The Life.