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Dawn in Chapleau is cold! How vividly I remember that morning so many years ago. Pulled out of a warm sleeping bag, plunked in a cold steel canoe, and now shivering in the 4 AM morning somewhere out in a vast Northern Canadian lake.
There as my dad angled for Muskies, I saw something that will forever remind me of the saddest moment any Christian could face. Open with me to II Corinthians 5:10.
As dawn broke and the huge red disc of the sun inched past the distant shore of the lake, warm rays cutting across the frigid waters drew wisps of vapor. Steam swirled in tiny vapor puffs lasting for just a moment before dissipating into nothingness. . .
Paul spoke of much the same when he wrote of the upcoming appointment we all have with God. He used the word phaulon for “bad”. Such a colorful word is used by Greeks for the dust whipped up by the gust of wind on a dirty street. Also used of steam swirls on a boiling pot of water it describes exactly what I saw that early morning so long ago. Although the vapor trails swirled, ascended, and formed fabulous shapes, they all became nothingness in a second. That is the last word of v. 10.
Join me at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Verses 9 and 10 give us two perspectives we must all heed.