Seeing God Each Day Transforms Our Lives – God Offers Daily Glimpses Into Heaven
Short Clip
The Rewards of Focusing Upon God
Then the reward for staying focused on God in a world of distractions is offered. This is what makes godly people make the choices to focus on God:
That list of promised benefits is worth more than we can ever imagine.
All of those spiritual treasures are offered to those who REVERENCE GOD, choosing one-day-at-a-time to focus their life on Him and ignore the distractions.
So that is the lesson of our Bible study this morning. But now comes the most important part: the APPLICATION to MY life.
Just like in personal Bible study, when we gather as a church and hear God’s Word we have to come to a point of decision.
Am I going to be just a hearer of the Word or a doer. God says don’t miss out on my blessings by just listening and walking away and forgetting all you heard: BE DOERS.
Isaiah 33 before us reminds us that OUR God offers to all who focus upon Him the very greatest treasures, when we reverence Him by avoiding those distractions that so easily beset us. The application of this life of reverence is a time of considering some: