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There is no place on earth like the Holy Land. It is a life changing experience to walk where the patriarchs wandered, where kings went to war, where prophets thundered God’s warnings, where a baby was born in a stable, and where a band of fishermen began to overturn the world. To travel to Israel is to visit the Land of the Book.
For over thirty years, Dr. John Barnett has been taking believers around the Holy Land to experience many places: from the coastal cities of the early New Testament church along the Mediterranean Sea to the inland deserts of Christ and the prophets; from Galilee to Jerusalem, from the caves and wadis of David’s life, to the synagogues of the Gospels—all the Land comes alive with truths from God’s Word.
Each of John’s Bible study tours are intentionally devotional. God’s Word is the textbook, the Biblical sites are the classroom, and the Spirit of God is the teacher. On the study tour we emphasize both personal Bible reading and Dr. Barnett’s careful exposition of the Word.