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David – Lessons on Depression


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David - Lessons on DepressionEver felt prehistoric? A life reduced to grunts and groans? As one poet expressed it, “life must go on . . . I just can’t remember why”. A vicious swirl of getting up, going through the day and dropping into bed exhausted only to fall further behind instead of ahead? Trapped in a cave David babysat four hundred fellow fugitives. That’s his address in Psalm 142. From the cave of Adullam he looks up and discovers some great truths about God. So can we.

Cave times often slide in right after our victories as David discovered. As “the hero” David toppled the #1 Villain of the hour (Goliath) and lived to tell about it (I Samuel 17). As “Mr. Brave” David escaped an assassination attempt by Saul (I Samuel 19). As “Mr. Clever” David acted his way out of the presence of the dreadful commander of the Philistines ( I Samuel 21). In our text we meet David running for his life, caring for his family and hosting all these malcontents.

Cave life yields great discoveries about God. David sings them in Psalm 142. Listen to the confessions of this caveman:

  • “Lord of Refuge, You are my Portion” ( v.5),
  • “O Listening One, hear my cry and Rescue me (v.6).
  • My God who Provides the righteous to gather about me, You are Sufficient” (v. 7).

How’s your world? Caving in? Why not look out of your need and find the courage needed in the One David found sufficient!

Well, meet someone who went through that ahead of you. He lived 3,000 years ago in the Middle East. His name is = DAVID.

DAVID – Humble in origins Devout to His God Chosen as God’s man Resolute to follow Human to the point of great sin Repentant to the point of great forgiveness Incomparable in worship

DAVID: After God’s own heart. Why?

1. I Samuel 17 – Because of an UNCHANGEABLE CONCERN that God’s Name be honored. (So he stands for Him.) Remember -he was the only one…

2. Psalm 59 – Because of an UNSHAKABLE TRUST that God was protecting him. ( So he depends on Him). Remember – his Saul, his father-in-law tried to kill him.

3. Psalm 34 – Because of an UNWAVERING HOPE that God was watching – so HE MAGNIFIED Him. (22 x David notes it!)

4. Finally in Psalm 142: David – a man after God’s own heart Because of his UNMISTAKABLE AWARENESS that God was hearing him… so He calls on him. (7 x David expresses THIS TRUTH). Look at Ps. 142.

Now how did David get in this fix? It was after some great days. Usually “cave times” are. They were for David!

(1) They usually follow great victories.

• I Sam. 17 – David was “the hero” who toppled Israel plus God’s #1 Villain of the hour (Goliath) and lived to tell about it – I Sam. 17.

• I Sam. 19:11 – David was “Mr. Brave” who escaped an assassination (by Saul) attempt and lived to tell it all – Ps. 59.

• I Sam. 21:10-15 – David was “Mr. Clever” who acted his way out of the presence of the commander of the dreadfully feared Philistine warriors in Achish – and lived to tell about it all – Ps. 34.

• Now, I Sam. 22:1-2 – Here’s David

• running for his life

• caring for his family

• hosting all these malcontents



Well – If “cave times” usually (1) FOLLOW TIMES OF GREAT VICTORIES. Then they are – (2) ACCOMPANIED BY GREAT DISTRESS

• OVERWHELMED IN SPIRIT (v.3) “Roof caving in!”
“Everything going wrong at once!” “Always happens to me!” “Not now!” “I have some bad news”

• HIDDEN A TRAP FOR ME “They’re all after me” “I’ve been railroaded” “Framed”

• NO ONE REGARDS ME (v.4) “No one called…” “I’m a nobody” “Poor me…” “I’m all alone”

• NO ESCAPE FOR ME “One-way trip to nowhere” “You’re TOO old” “I’m sorry but the qualifications for this position…”



Cave times also – (3) Accomplished great discoveries about God v. 5

1. Thou art my REFUGE

2. Thou art my PORTION

3. Thou art my LISTENER ‘Give heed my cry’

4. Thou art my DELIVERER “bring

5. Thou art my OBJECT OF WORSHIP

6. Thou art my PROVIDER

7. Thou art my SUFFICIENCY

Finally, cave times usually (1) Followed times of great victory (2) Accompanied by great distress (3) Accomplished great discoveries about God (4) Preceded great blessings

Like what? Well, David went on to

• Vindication as just man

• Coronation as king

• Exaltation as warrior

• Immortalization as Psalmist

But let’s wait to next week and Ps. 57.

How’s your world?

Caving in?

Look now and find

• FLEE TO YOUR REFUGE. Thou art my Refuge

• FEED ON YOUR PORTION. Thou art my Portion

• SPEAK TO YOUR MASTER. Thou art my Listener

• TRUST IN YOUR REDEEMER. Thou art my Deliverer

• ADORE YOUR LORD. Thou art my Object of Worship

• REST IN HIS SUFFICIENCY. Thou art my Provider, Thou art my Sufficiency



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