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So each of us here today are literally, as believers:
Clothed with Christ
With that in mind, would any of these descriptions portray Christ’s appearance as presented in God’s Word, if He were here ministering in this 21st Century culture?
Do you think Christ ever chose to dress in a way that was provocative, sensual, or revealing of the areas of His Body that God’s Word says need to be covered?

Do you think He would ever choose to appear “skimpily-attired”, short skirts, short shorts, or with sexually arousing outfits?

Do you think Jesus could ever be described as: hot, immodest, alluring, edgy?

When you think of being clothed with Christ does that fit with wearing clingy form fitted outfits, wearing sheer or nearly see through materials, wearing plunging necklines, or tops that are unbuttoned way too far?

If none of those descriptions would ever describe Christ’s choices in His clothing, then NONE of those words should ever describe you!

Paul told Titus that godly and mature women of grace were to come alongside every younger woman, and beg her in Christ’s Name to be pure in her desires, and modest in her dress.

Those Titus 2 mentors were to show and remind her that she is Christ’s Temple, His representative, and a living model of what it means to be clothed in righteousness.

For two thousand years God has looked in each generation of Christ’s Church for women who will devote themselves to His plan for their lives, presented in Titus 2 as:

Grace-Prompted Lives of Purity