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David’s Purpose – God’s Glory


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1st Samuel

A Man after God’s own heart

David's Purpose - God's Glory


A. David = Ruth 4 (1), 1 Sam. 16-1 Kings 2 (41), 1 Chron. 1- (29), Psalms (75) = 146 Chapters thus in I Samuel 13:14 and Acts 13:22 he the man after God’s own heart.

B. MOSES = Ex. 2-40 (38), Lev.-Deut. (97), Psalm 90 (1) = 136 Chapters

C. Christ = Gospels (89), Rev. 2-3 (2), Acts 1 (1), Hebrews (13) = 105 Chapters

D. Paul = Acts 9, 13-Philemon (104) = 104 Chapters

E. John = Synoptic Gospels – half (44), Acts 1-8 (8), Rev./Epistles (29), John (21) = 102 chapters

F. Peter = Gospels – half (45), Acts 1-8, 10-12, 15 (12), Peters (8) = 65 chapters


A. Special Family Line (Ruth 4) – “Who was he?”

  • 1. He was a descendent of a Harlot, Rahab.
  • 2. He was a descendent of a Cursed Foreign nation, Moabite Ruth.
  • 3. He was a descendent of an immoral woman, Tamar. All are portraits of God’s grace!

B. Special Family Position (1 Sam. 16:1-13) – “How was he?”

  • 1. v. 11 He is the youngest.
  • 2. v. 12 He is handsome and hard working.
  • 3. v. 12 He is chosen of God.
  • 4. v. 13 He is anointed by the Spirit of God.

C. Special Family Testimony (1 Sam. 16:14-23) – “What was he?” (Answered by how the Spirit’s presence was displayed in his life…)

  • 1. v. 18 – It is visible to others
  • 2. v. 19 – It produces true humility
  • 3. v. 23 – It produces comfort in others.

Robinson in ISBE1 writes: it is generally allowed that he is the most gifted and versatile personage in Israelite history; that he is surpassed in ethical greatness and general historical importance only by Moses…Dean Stanley writes, there is no OT character to be compared to the complexity of David in the elements of passion, tenderness, generosity, and fierceness; David was a soldier, shepherd, poet, statesman, priest, prophet, king, the romantic friend, chivalrous leader, and the devoted father, all in one; only Jacob’s life comes near in the variety.

Okay, so we have a great man. But what about II Samuel 11 and his adultery. Sin, murder, adultery and hypocrisy? Yes, but he was willing to confess in Psalm 51 and repent and thank God for cleansing in Psalm 32.

What was the foundation such a life of blessing was built upon? We can find it in David’s Public Life. we have seen his: Portrait is massive in scripture His Personal life is special in private. But now, let’s see the essence DAVID’S PUBLIC LIFE

III. DAVID’S PUBLIC LIFE (1 Sam. 17-2 Sam. 24) – The key to all the blessing upon David’s life and ministry can be found in the longest chapter of the historical books, 1 Sam. 17.
Concern for God’s Name to be Honored (1 Sam. 17) is hidden in the story of Goliath.

David’s personal life:

  • v. 15 David is HUMBLE
  • v. 20 David is DISCIPLINED
  • vs. 25, 26 – Divine perspective (also vs. 36, 45).
  • v. 36-37 David MAGNIFIES God’s hand in his life.
  • v. 45-46 David has as his purpose in life, GOD”S GLORY.
  • v. 46 – David’s purpose is revealed in the details.
  • v. 54 David is DEDICATED wholly to the Lord.

Concern for God’s Name to be Praised

In every trial he leans upon God and demonstrates faith. Compare 1 Sam. 19:11-18/Psalm 59: David TURNS to God when in greatest danger. He TRUSTS in God. He TRIUMPHS through God’s power.

So, what is the secret of being after God’s own heart? It is concern for God’s honor. In fact that was the worst part of David’s adultery; it made the enemies of the Lord reproach His name.

May we have such a consuming passion!

Breathe on Me # 87


1 ISBE, David, paragraph #11 An estimate of David.




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