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You know the Earth is dying right?
Last month, the largest Earthquake to shake the USA in 50 years, that hit us off the Alaskan coast—was a nice reminder of how fragile and helpless we are.
As our planet continues to disintegrate—which the whole world has quickly gotten alarmed about: watching global warming, global pollution, and global resource scarcity.
Our whole Earth is shaking (with a half-million+ quakes yearly) like it was infected with a terminal disease.
But it is not just Earth, every part of the Universe mankind has observed also has an unstoppable appointment with this coming disintegration—according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
Everything is wearing out, running down, and headed to the oblivion of promised disintegration.
There is no stopping or turning back the Universe’s groaning and Earth’s shaking.
In fact, the more closely we look the more we see everything is right on schedule according to God’s Last Days plan.
So, back to the purpose of the Book of Revelation? What did God think His Church needed as the last Apostle was passing away, and the Emperors of the Roman Empire were sharpening their focus on exterminating all true believers? What did God consider vital for those who faced what He calls the “last days” when—
persecution looms,
materialism is pervasive,
immorality is normalized,
demonism is welcomed, and
godliness is out of sync with global culture?
God first wanted John Encouraged (in chapter 1:9 “tribulation…for the Word”), by reminding him of Christ’s constant, promised, Divine Presence beside us through life.
Then, God wanted Christ’s Church Challenged (in Revelation 2-3 “hear what the Spirit says”), with staying healthy and focused on what He left them to do while living at the End of Days.
Finally, God wants all His Saints Convinced (in Revelation 4-22 “One sat on the Throne”), that He keeps His Word and operates according to His attributes. He eternally rewards those who obediently serve Him. He eternally avenges all wrong-doers. God wins. Our room in our Father’s House is securely ours to await. We are to boldly live through the gathering storm clouds of the End of Days.
John was old, imprisoned, isolated, and remembering the past decade. He had seen his fellow Jews slaughtered by Rome by the hundreds of thousands. The city of Jerusalem and Temple razed, burned, and gone. All his fellow apostles hunted, persecuted, and each martyred. Now he was left in a hard-labor prison camp all alone. He was in bad times, God knew it, and wanted to send the most powerful encouragement possible.
If you listen to the news, podcasts, radio, TV, or go anywhere on the internet you know that we are living on a doomed planet. From plastic pollution to carbon emitters, from Covid variants to antibiotic-resistant pathogens, from water scarcity to food scarcity, from endangered species to rising oceans—we are at mortal risk everywhere you look or listen. Guess what? It is all true. Earth is disintegrating and finally, everyone has awakened to the dire situation all Earth dwellers face!