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Isaiah 6 is God’s plan for His servants to reach each of their dying cultures for the past 2,700 years—including ours today.
   We live in a nation that is consumed with its grasping materialism.
   Has there ever been a society in the history of the world as materialistic as ours?
   Has there ever been a society more given over to pleasure, madness, partying, drunkenness, drugs?
   Has there ever been a society more defiant in its sinfulness, quicker to shake its fist in the face of God?
   Has there ever been a society more morally perverted where marriage is bad and living together is noble, where a
   relationship between a man and a woman is only one of many options?
   Telling the truth doesn’t matter, honesty doesn’t matter, virtue doesn’t matter; style matters.
   Has there ever been a more arrogant society of people who have more of their own answers for everything?
   Has there ever been a culture with more personal opinions given weight, spread, and merit?