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There is an event coming on the horizon that could make a way for the Jews to build their temple in Jerusalem. If a coalition of Moslems and Arabs joined the Russians in attacking Israel. And if that attack was repulsed in such a devastating way that 80% of the armies were destroyed, Israel would be confident enough to start to rebuild. This morning we need to examine Ezekiel’s report of a future battle on the hills of Israel. Some say it is at the end of the Millennium, others at the end of the Tribulation. But, what if it happened sooner? There is really no reason that Russia couldn’t invade as soon as today!
There have been few times God has directly intervened in human history. This morning we are going to study one of the more dramatic moments in human history. The great northern confederacy is poised to strike. The tiny and totally surrounded target is Israel. The entire world (UN General Assembly) is united against this little nation. The armies of the Moslem and Russian lands are united and the goal is annihilation!
Join me as we turn to Ezekiel 38:1-6 and 18-23. Now watch as the events of these chapters unfold before your eyes.
Three Truths We Need to Hold On To:
The Scene in Ezekiel 37-39
The Sequence in Daniel 9:20-27
The Savior in Revelation 19:10
The Scene in Ezekiel 37-39
Chapter 37 describes the rebirth of Israel from the Diaspora. As Israel is re-gathered there is a reoccurring theme. Note v. 6 “Then you shall know”. This repeated in 37:13, 37:14, 38:23, 39:6, 7
Chapters 38-39 describe the deliverance of Israel.