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Ever feel drowned by sorrow?
Ever feel overwhelmed by grief?
Then reach out and grab the Lord by faith like you would do if it was the horn of the altar like it is the feet of the only One who can save your beloved child, or like it was the wall that alone can stand between you and your enemies, or like the only weapon you have to stay alive when attacked. That is the way the man after God’s heart did it – and that is how we should respond!
So whenever we feel drowned by sorrow, whenever we feel overwhelmed by grief — be careful – we are on sacred ground as a believer.
o We are at a place where God’s Voice is heard most clearly,
o We are at a place where God’s Presence is felt most closely,
o We are at a place where God’s Guidance is given most powerfully.
And that is the message of our text this morning. Open with me to the 6th Blessing of Affliction. It is found in Psalm 119.107:
I am afflicted very much; Revive me, O Lord, according to Your word.
The 6th blessing of Affliction is seen in Psalm 119 as:
Listen to the expanded message of Psalm 119:107 –
o I am afflicted (remember the usage of this Hebrew word # 6031 implies an affliction that affects us in a physical way);
o Very much (remember this is the same word used to describe the extent of the waters of the Global Flood of Noah and the Ten Plagues of Moses upon Egypt);
o Revive (remember that this is the same word as the one that describes God’s deliverance of Rahab out from the complete destruction of Jericho)
o Me, O Lord, according to YOUR WORD (remember this is that synonym for the Bible that describes God’s Word as the Divine Voice that guides us through life [Strong’s #1697]).
Afflictions allow us to experientially test God’s promises.
Affliction is a blessing.
Trials refine us, pain opens our eyes to the realities of life, and sorrow tunes us into what really matters. And on and on through life, it goes. Traumatic and painful experiences actually help us be more aware and a part of the world around us.
This morning we find that when troubles come, and we experience affliction it forces us to test the Promises of God. Remember that this is the 6th point in our discovery in Psalm 119 — of the Seven Blessings of Affliction.