We Should Speak Life – That’s The Power Of Spoken Words In Your Life Today
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If James could reduce the purpose of his letter down to only two words, they would be “Spiritual Maturity”. One look at the problems James covers in this short letter says it all. As a pastor he was dealing with childhood illnesses. He is writing and exhorting them about the five marks of childish and immature believers. Each chapter of the Book of James reflects one mark of spiritual immaturity, have you noticed them?
Spiritual babes are IMPATIENT WITH THE TROUBLES OF LIFE (1:1–4)
Spiritual babes are QUICK TO TALK BUT SLOW TO LIVE THE TRUTH (2:14ff)
Spiritual babes HAVE AN OUT OF CONTROL TONGUE (3:1ff)
Spiritual babes are OFTEN BICKERING AND JEALOUS (4:1ff)
Spiritual babes are BUSY COLLECTING MATERIAL “TOYS” (5:1ff)
Then James gives clear indicators of how the walk of faith is going. You are headed toward Christian maturity when these areas are in line:
A Mature Walk of Faith endures troubles 1:2-11
A Mature Walk of Faith deals with temptation 1:12-16
A Mature Walk of Faith obeys the Word 1:17-27
A Mature Walk of Faith allows no prejudice 2:1-13.
A Mature Walk of Faith displays itself in godly works 2:14-26.
A Mature Walk of Faith Bridles the tongue 3:1-12
Remember that it has been estimated that from the first “Good morning” to the last “Good night,” the average person’s words could make a book of 50-60 pages-the equivalent of more than one hundred books a year of 200 pages each.
We must always remember that:
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