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The only trustworthy, reliable, authoritative explanation of God is right here in our hands: it is God’s Word the Bible.
The Bible is the only real key to unlock truth about God, thus it is: the only sure doorway into His salvation, the only official map that leads to God, the only trustworthy reference book that defines and reveals God, the only verified classification guide to explain what God does, and the only navigational chart that leads us to the True & Living God.
Let that sink in.
No matter what the next supposed prophecy, lost book of the Bible, archaeological find, ecstatic experience, or out of body event that you hear about: they add nothing to what we know about God, and those new supposed insights are NOT from God.
Mohammad of Islam didn’t get any true revelations from God, neither did Joseph Smith of Mormonism, and neither has anyone else up to this day in all of history since John the last of Christ’s Apostles.
As Hebrews 1 says, God spoke in many ways over the centuries, but His final revelation was through Christ. The Revelation of God’s Word is completed; and Jesus closed the Book on all authorized, inspired truth from God; and there is no more continuing, ongoing stream of new doctrinal information coming from God. God has finished speaking His Word, and the Book He sent is complete. When you hear about any new, amazing, fantastic claim about visiting with God or angels: those new supposed insights are NOT from God.
This morning connect some vital truths in your minds with me.
First, we each hold a copy of God’s Word the Bible, which has just led us to celebrate the greatest week in history: Christ’s death in our place, His Burial of our sins, & His Resurrection for our justification (Romans 4:25). That is an event we share in by faith, so deeply, that: we celebrate it like it happened yesterday because it is so real today.
We know, believe, and hold tightly onto the truths of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection, right? We know Christ, believe God and have experienced His Holy Spirit. Those are the elements of salvation, and that has come to us through the Gospel.


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