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Do your possessions keep you from God? Moses was contented. We saw, a couple of weeks ago, Abraham served God, his possessions never stood in the way. Look at another text and that’s in Isaiah chapter 41. You say Isaiah to learn about Abraham? You bet, God puts these nuggets in the most interesting places. Isaiah 41 and verse 8, “Because Abraham wasn’t just God’s servant, all the possessions of his life never stood in the way of the God that he had served”, but secondly Abraham was God’s friend.
You ever heard that [xx] about the friend of God? You know why, because the Bible calls him that. It says in Isaiah 41 and verse 8. Isaiah 41 verse 8, “But you of Israel are my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the descendants of Abraham…” what does it say? Say out loud “My friend.” How would you like to be known as God’s friend? I mean I can’t think of a higher calling in life. I read in the paper, you know, that the Clinton’s have a lot of friends and they let them in and out of the White House and they’re kind of the envy of Washington. They can come and go anytime they want. They just get to, their friends from right down here by Oklahoma and Arkansas and they are just… they come and go, and you know what if I want to go to the White House I couldn’t, and even if I waited in line I wouldn’t get into the parts, they get to, and I don’t think many of us could either, but their friends get in.
Do you know what, more than being a friend of the President of the United States, the most powerful office on the planet, do you know what the better thing is in life? To be known as God’s friend, Abraham was the friend of God and you know what, he didn’t say that, God said it. God said he is my friend. He doesn’t let all of His blessings interfere with Him. I want to read to you one more, 2 Chronicles 20:7, if you have the tribe and clan of note-takers here’s another gem. 2 Chronicles 20:7, “Are you not our God who drove out the inhabitants of this land before Your people Israel and gave it to the descendants of Abraham, your friend forever.” You know who said that? I bet you don’t, Jehoshaphat. Probably you don’t know him very well but you know what Jehoshaphat knew, 1,200 years after Abraham was dead? He remembered that Abraham was God’s friend.
When you are gone, when you move from your neighborhood, when you leave school, when you leave your job, when you graduate to glory someday, are people going to say that man or woman or young person, they were a friend of God’s? They were God’s servant. Do they know you that way? I mean on the ball team, do they know you that way and the business arena, do they know that you serve God and you are His friend?
Number one, Abraham treasured his relationship with God. Back to Genesis 13, point number, two. Point number one… and by the way, I always know that I am a success on Sunday, when on the way home, if I can find out what I talked about from my six-year-old. So I try and keep it right down there. So if you don’t know what I am talking about, you got to be at least six-years-old to understand me, OK, so, you know if you forget you are not paying much attention,
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