JESUS IS THE GREAT I AM: Revelation 1:17—Note this sequence. John saw, fell down as dead, Jesus laid His hands on him, says do not fear. Then Jesus says I AM (the First & the Last). Remember that John records the seven “I Am”s in his Gospel by John. Note there are EIGHT I AMs in Revelation:
1). The Alpha & Omega (1:8,11; 21:6; 22:13).
2). The Beginning & End (1:8; 21:6; 22:13).
3). Who is and was and is to come (1:8).
4). The Almighty (1:8). 5). The First & Last (1:11,17; 22:13).
6). He who Lives & was Dead (1:18).
7). Alive forevermore & Have the Keys of Hades & death (1:18).
8). Root & Offspring of David, the Bright & Morning Star (22:16).
This is a 20-lesson course on the final book of the Bible.
Revelation’s 404 verses contain over 800 quotations, allusions, and connections to the rest of the Bible.
There is no new doctrine contained in these 22 chapters, only clarification on how they will come to pass.
This is the ONLY book of the Bible Jesus came down to supervise as the conclusion of God’s Revelation.