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Elements of Biblical Interpretation:

New Testament Gospel History

New Testament Gospel History. Our faith is so tied to the events of the NT. God picked a spot for the Drama of Redemption, and that history is so tied to the Land and the Book. Again, the history of the New Testament is written is a flow that ties each of the 27 pieces together. The books are each in themselves a map that traces the history so dear to us. Come and see how our New Testaments are 27 books but one amazing event: Christ! Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, & Acts all are filled with real historical sites you can see, feel, and almost hear the sounds of what really happened there just as your Bible records.

Overview Church History

I.    Ancient  AD 1-590
A.    Apostolic Age (27-100)
B.    Martyrs (60-313)
C.    Christian Rulers (313-590)

II.    Medieval  AD 590-1517
A.    Missionary Era (590-1517)
B.    Papal Era (1049-1294)
C.    Pre-Reformation Era (1294-1517)

III.    Modern  AD 1517-Present
A.    Reformation Era (1517-1648)
B.    Transition (1648-1790)
C.    Missions / Infidelity (1790- Today)

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