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But in a moment known only to God, the countdown will click to zero and the next step to eternity will be ignited. What is it? The Rapture — snatching us out!
Let me illustrate it!
First, Jude 14-15 Enoch 7 from Adam, now Second, Genesis 5 Enoch — preacher of righteousness portrays the church, us — how we should be living in a world of Lamech, also 7th from Adam. What was the world like? 4:19-24
1. Religious darkness Cain’s denial of God’s way
2. Social darkness Lamech’s bigamy
3. Moral darkness Lamech’s murder
4. Ethical darkness Lamech boasted
Don’t you marvel at Enoch’s Godly walk even more because of the generation of Lamech in which he lived? So what happens to Enoch? God takes him out before the flood. What did Jude say he believed and taught? Lord coming with saints. So what about Noah? I think he portrays the Jews who go through the tribulation and are protected.
2 Kings 2:11 Elijah God snatched him out
What’s next? 1 Thess. 4 Rapture! The next step to eternity will be the rapture. Why?
1. Old Testament example kept from destruction.
2. 1 Thess. 4 Promise
3. Sequence 1 Thess. 4-5 Rapture – Day of the Lord
4. Promise 1 Thess. 5:9 not appointed wrath
5. Rev. 3:10 “kept from hour”
6. Philadelphia was the last true church
7. Laodicea is the apostate church
8. Rev. 1-3 The church ekklesia 20x Rev. [19x Ch. 1-3; 0x Ch. 4-21] 1x Ch 22:16 end
Means what? God’s program church ends, launched to heaven Ch. 4 to worship. Now look at Rev. 4
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