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Facing Consequences

Facing Consequences



God is at work in the NextGeneration of His servants across Asia and Europe.
One of the KEY LESSONS that they have embraced (and that has changed many of their lives) is the inescapable, REAL CONSEQUENCES that each person must face for their CHOICES. Today we see how David has become God’s INSPIRED PORTRAIT of the REALITY of PERSONAL CONSEQUENCES for BAD CHOICES!
To the loud wails of the country people who watched (v. 23) a somber band of commanders in their armor walked in formation. They were surrounding the King of Israel now deposed by a rebellious son, driven from his throne, banished from his city, fleeing for his life. David walks head down, tears dropping silently to the ground. His face is wet, his eyes are swollen and red, his head is covered as he trudges heavily down the slopes of Zion toward the brook called Kidron.
Stepping across the stones as the water ran across them, the steep upward incline of the path pointed David feet towards the Mt. of Olives green with countless olive trees. Nearby where David walked and wept would be a Garden called Gethsemane where the Son of David would also walk and weep—both for the sins of others. “and David wept as he went up the Mt. of Olives” (2 Samuel 15:30).
David who had faced lions and bears, armies and giants—stumbles out of his beloved Jerusalem with eyes blurred by his own tears. He is fleeing for his life. He has left everything—behind him is the Ark of God, behind him is the Tent of God’s Presence, behind him is Zion the City of His Great God, behind him are the trophies of all his battles, the treasures amounting to the largest personal fortune in gold and silver ever amassed by anyone ever…so David walked, wept, and covered his head. As we open again to the final chapters of David’s life, we find that David’s final years from God’s perspective, beginning with his fall into sin with Bathsheba.


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