Peter is in the midst of great persecution, writing to a group of local churches facing fiery trials. Peter the Apostle, has reached the end of his public ministry; and he is being hunted down by Emperor Nero, as the most visible of Christ’s followers. Peter was a big target.
We know that Peter chose one of the most difficult places to minister. Here in 1 Peter 1 we find the address of those that he has served. They were the saints in Roman Asia, the most secular, emperor-worshipping, hostile to the Gospel territory in the Roman Empire. Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia & Bithynia constitute the northern two-thirds of Roman Asia, or modern-day Turkey.
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Peter spends the five chapters of 1 Peter to those early believers, encouraging them to stay true to Christ as they endured persecutions, as well as all the challenges of living out their faith in the daily life in the Roman Empire.
Then in his last letter, he uses 2 Peter to get them ready for the reality of death (2 Peter 1); the deception of false teachers (2 Peter 2); and the End of Days (2 Peter 3).
What a lineup of Biblical doctrine he sent them; and, what an amazing pair of Epistles for believers to study! Now, look with me at 2 Peter 3.
God’s Word is History, Pre-Written
God has already written down the details of how everything of the world we know will end. The end is by the fire of God.
The end is God reconstituting the universe from the atomic particle level to the galaxy cluster level: all are burned, refined, and remade into the Universe of God’s creation.
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