Jesus Gives the Only True Map of the Future—The lesson Jesus gave them and us is that when you are trying to understand the plan of God for the future, don’t listen to people that misrepresent God’s Word and try to deceive people into things God has not said. Whether it is the occultic induced words of the 16th Century mystic Nostradamus or the misguided predictions of the 21st Century Harold Camping. Avoid anyone who twists, distorts, or goes against the clear plan of God written down in His Word.
Jesus said also especially beware of those who claim to be Christ. There have been many false Christs over the centuries. Even in modern times from Sung Myung Moon who founded the Moonies, to David Koresh of the 1993 Branch Davidians: we have many who claim to be Messiah or the Christ.
For a moment look at v. 24 and let me explain what many of us haven’t really thought about: the connection of Islam with the events of the Tribulation. Jesus said there will always be false prophets, and we clearly think of Hinduism as false, and Buddhism as false. But in recent times, so-called Christian voices are saying that Islam is actually not false because they believe in the same God as we do, and even believe in Jesus.
Beware of False Christs
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Many believers aren’t aware of how much Islam does teach about Jesus. The growing idea among some branches of Christianity today is that the way to save the world is to get all religions together, starting with Muslims because they already believe in Jesus. One well-known professor from the Christian Left named Tony Campolo even wrote:
“When we listen to the Muslim mystics as they talk about Jesus and their love for Jesus, I must say it’s a lot closer to New Testament Christianity than a lot of Christians.”
With Campolo so popular in the new online community of undiscerning, un-grounded, so-called evangelicals, we need to ask, “Is the Muslim Jesus the same as the Biblical Jesus?”
The best way to know is to look at Islamic Eschatology. Yes, Islam has quite a well-defined doctrine about the future which amazingly includes a return to earth of Jesus.
The False Teachings of Islamic Theology
If I could give you a synopsis of Islamic Theology as it related to the end times it would be made up of two parts: The Quran (the 114 chapters or Sura of the Divine words of Allah to Muhammad) and the Sunnah (the practice of Muhammad made up of the Hadith: his sayings & the Sira: his biography). Much like Roman Catholicism is the Bible plus tradition, and Judaism is the Old Testament plus Rabbinic tradition, so Islam has its primary book plus traditions.
In Islamic, Theology Jesus is a man, not God. Jesus did not die, rather He was taken to Heaven like Elijah. That alone makes Islamic Theology dangerously false. If Christ didn’t die, He didn’t have to rise, so He couldn’t have offered the substitutionary sacrifice for the sin of the world. Jesus is a man and a prophet. Right now in Islamic Theology Jesus is at the right hand of Allah awaiting a return to earth when He is sent at Allah’s command.
If you wondered why of all the prophets of Islam, would Jesus be sent back? That is a great question. In Islamic Theology Jesus returns to explain to misguided Christians that He is not God’s Son, He did not die and rise again. Then Jesus lives on earth and dies, and is buried.
When a person says they believe in Jesus we must find out what Jesus they believe in. The Islamic Jesus is not the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, and second person of the Divine Trinity.
The Coming of the False Christ