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Wanted: Men who will Deepen their Walk with God
Psalm 15:1-5

There is a pathway to walking with God called truth.
Truth sets us free, truth guards our way, and truth opens us to commune with God.

Every man who commits to the way of truth, starts down the Psalm 15 pathway into a close walk each day with God. Just as Proverbs 31 describes the woman of excellence, Psalm 15 describes the man of godliness.

Are you ready to deepen your walk with God?

Against this gloomy backdrop of forces within our fallen, sinful flesh to sweep us away from God is the old path. God has the way of obedience and righteousness called holiness. Listen to God ask you and me, each of us men to his presence.

A. “walks with integrity”
B. “works righteousness”
II. HE TALKS THE TRUTH. He is honest. v.2a -3a
A. “speaks truth in his heart”
B. “doesn’t slander with his tongue”
III. HE LIVES THE TRUTH v.3b he is a loyal friend
A. “nor does evil to his neighbor”
B. “nor takes up a reproach against a friend”
IV. HE RESPECTS TRUTH. he has proper heroes. v. 4a
A. “in whose eyes a reprobate is despised”
B. “he honors those who fear the Lord”
V. HE PROTECTS THE TRUTH. He can’t be bought. v. 4b-5
A. “he swears to his own hurt” = a man of his word
B. “he doesn’t put out his money at interest” = not take advantage of adversity in anothers life.
C. “nor take a bribe against the innocent” = he can’t be swayed from what is right.

Well, how are you doing men?
Remember that even a tiny hole in the bag will tarnish the silver. Any exposure, no matter how small, is deadly!