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The Devotional Method Project
Our course project is picking ten chapters from Isaiah to spiritually digest, using a method called the “Devotional Method of Bible Study” that follows these steps after you read each chapter:
Write down a Title for the Chapter;
Write down a summary of each of the lessons, truths, or doctrines that you find;
Write out a prayer from you to the Lord, asking Him: to change you, to work in you, and impact your life by a personal application of the truths you found in that passage.
Romans 12:1-2: Surrendered & Transformed
1-I CAN DECIDE TO LET GO: v.1 “present” is in the aorist tense and means a final action, we go back to and remember.
2-I MUST DIE DAILY: v. 1 “living sacrifice” is a present active verb. This means I renew this once and for all decisions, all day long, as I go through life. Tied to the altar daily.
3-MY LIFE MATTERS TO GOD: v. 1 “holy and acceptable” explains what flavor God wants in our lives: “holy” and the goal of life is driven by loving Him so much we want to please Him “acceptable to God”.