Life Without Jesus is Horrible: Revelation 16:1-21— Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without Jesus? Perhaps you yourself are seeking, but haven’t found it. You are considering, but haven’t decided. You are looking, but haven’t placed your heart’s desire on Jesus Christ and willfully chosen to follow Him. If that is your situation, pay close attention to the sixteenth chapter of Revelation, which shows what life without Jesus Christ would be like. It is the most graphic, vivid, and powerful description in the Scriptures of what hell will be like.
Life apart from Jesus Christ is nothing less than a living hell.
In the twenty-one dramatic verses of Revelation 16, John sees and records what happens when mankind joins the fallen angels in living without God.
God wants us to see that the seven bowls of His wrath are the coming results for a world that rejects what Jesus alone can give them.