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Social Justice



I just got back from a 95-degree classroom with 110% humidity (is that possible) with the wind of Typhoon Kamurri howling outside the windows. Inside an entire class of NextGeneration missionaries glued to their Bible & notebooks. They want to live in COMPASSION like Christ. They want to HUNGER for God. Do you? Want a tune-up? Why not sit in this class hour and ask GOD to CHANGE Your LIFE? In the Early Church of Acts and the Epistles, we see demonstrated that this Hunger for God shaped their lives, their ministry, their worship, and their outreach. In the Early Church, we see Biblical fasting is a powerful way to yield every part of my life to God’s supremacy. Conclusion: Biblical Fasting is an immediate way to declare your allegiance to God’s way and glory in every day of your life!

Social Justice


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