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A man, perhaps 45 years old. A believer for about 17 years sits to pen a letter to a precious band of saints. It was the Thessalonians who had listened and embraced the gospel on his second outreach from the church at Antioch.
Gives the theme for an EPITAPH! Found in excavations at Thessalonica…
THE MAN? – Paul,
• scarred from a stoning at Lystra/Derbe
• Maimed by beatings in Philippi
• Tired after being run out of Athens, Berea, and Thessalonica
This is the 3rd time he will say that. Remember the Theme of this letter? It reappears in each chapter. Through Christ’s promised coming we have:
1:10 Present hope of salvation
2:19 Future joy of his homegoing
3:13 Constant cause for holy living
4:17,18 Constant source of comfort
5:23 Promise of completed salvation
But now he introduces a word not often used – “BLAMELESS”. AMEMPTOS and adjective that also means “Faultless”: