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Revelation 1-22 For 2018 – 00



We got our first clip from the out-take of the virtual classroom studio where we are training 300 students in 12 countries around the world. Today’s series is on Revelation called “THE BOOK NOT FROM THIS PLANET” explaining Divine Prophetic Scriptures. It is amazing to see the hunger these NextGeneration servants of the Lord have for God’s Word. Their messaging during the classes is an overwhelming spiritual thrill to read. Just wish we could share them all with you. Keep praying and we will post more clips and classes as we get them. Be ENCOURAGED, GOD is using the global CoVid-19 pandemic to turn many hearts strongly towards HIM!

A Personal Biblical Framework For Understanding The Bible

  This is the only book of the Bible exclusively devoted to SHOW Jesus Christ as He is now and forever. “The Revelation of Jesus Christ…”

  This is the only book of the Bible exclusively given to PREPARE each believer of every generation for FULFILLING God’s PURPOSE for their life. “…which God gave Him to show His servants…” The only book of the Bible exclusively written to EXPLAIN the future plans God has for the world “…things which must shortly take place…”

  How to Understand & Interpret the Bible Using the VITAL Keys of Context. The PRIMARY interpretation is based on the: Historical Context, the Geographical Context, and the Scriptural Context. When combined with the Grammatical Context, you have proper Biblical Interpretation. So, the first rule of textual interpretation is: “What did God mean when He spoke to the original recipients of that portion of Scripture?”

What is Revelation’s Most Important Message for Believers? HOW TO LIVE FOR GOD IN A DANGEROUS WORLD