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What does God want us to learn in Revelation 18? Many things.
 There is life beyond money.
 Life is more important than possessions.
 You can’t take it with you.
 Life is not linear, there will always be unexpected and devastating changes and disasters.
 There are no disappointments for the Christian only the appointments of God.
Satan’s Twins:
Religion & Materialism
First an overview. Revelation 18 is a twin to Revelation 17.
In Revelation 17 we find the collapse of the apostate world church. In the process, we see Satan’s harlot bride, the delusion of religion. Religion in all its many varieties is one branch.
Revelation 18 is the other member of Satan’s family. The other of the twins is found in materialism, worldliness, or covetousness. From the Garden of Eden onward Satan has been offering to humans the elusive greener grass. If only you eat this fruit you will have it all. If only you earn this income you will be happy. If only you reach this level of popularity, power, or success you will have it all. Hand in hand with Satan’s fall is the insatiable desire for more. Lucifer was discontented with the highest position in heaven, he wanted more. Humans are born with a thirst for more of whatever they desire. This is the idolatry of covetousness.
The most visible sign of covetousness is materialism. Materialism is the desire for things as opposed to spiritual worship which is the desire for God. Materialism is seen in money, possessions, endless pursuits of physical pleasures, and recreations. All of that physical pursuit is going to end. In Revelation 18 God turns off the party. The music stops. The money fails. The party is over and in a moment the lights go out! As we stand for the reading of Revelation 18 listen to the description of the coming global financial collapse.


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