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ONLY GOD’S WORD EXPLAINS THE BRAVE NEW WORLD OF NOAH AND HIS SONS – and gives the framework to sort out all these alleged finds of cavemen, etc. There are two walls between which lie everything ever to be found on this planet.
    The first is Genesis 8:18 that declares the only land-living, air-breathing creatures that survived the Flood, and repopulated the Earth were on the ark – all humans but eight perished! The second is Genesis 9:19 which states that all living creatures including the highest of God’s creation – humans- have descended from Noah, his family, and the creatures aboard the Ark!
    All over the world, paleontological research digs are turning up more and more fragments of bones, teeth, skulls, and tools. Once unearthed, fantastic claims of bridge species, missing links, and new examples of someone’s theories are trumpeted instantly by internet news providers globally. In their wake come seasoned, science fiction soaked, illustrators that imaginatively — and to the delight of museums and booksellers — illustrate these fragments as thick boned, protruding foreheaded apelike creatures. Introducing the caveman. Caveman is a world largely imaginative, and the product of the spinners of evolutionary thought.
1. Ancient History: The Brave New World Overview
2. Covenants: The Promises of God 8:1-22
3. Caveman: The History of Man 9:1-19
4. Canaan: The Curses of Sin 9:20-29
5. Genealogies: The Table of the Nations 10:1-30
6. Sign Posts to God: The Zodiac and Astrology 11:1-9
The subject of human origins has been severely distorted for over a hundred years by the theory of evolution. Popular displays in museums and magazines, and unfortunately even in school textbooks, have persuaded most people that man has an animal ancestry, leading back through a long line of intermediate stages to some form of an ape-like creature which was also the ancestor of the modern apes.